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AGENDA DOCS FOR 11.24.2020


October 27, 2020 Board of Commissioners Meeting is at the Municipal Building


September 22, 2020 Board of Commissioners Meeting is at the Municipal Building.





The State Division of Elections now has on their website a place to register to vote, update your registration, track your mail in ballot,  find your polling location ext.

20.07.01_Haddon Twp – Mid-Point Review Report -Final

20.07.01_Haddon Twp Unit and Trust Fund Monitoring Reports-Final

November 3, 2020 General Election Information per P.L. 2020, c 70, 71 & 72

Per the signing P.L. 2020, c. 70, 71 & 72 by Governor Phil Murphy, the 2020 General Election will be conducted primarily via Vote-By-Mail-Ballots.

All Active registered voters will automatically be sent VBM Ballots, beginning the week of September 21st through October 5th. Following the initial mailing, anyone that newly registers will be sent a ballot soon after registration. All ballots will contain an instruction insert that describes how to vote the ballot (with pictures), how to return the ballot, drop box locations, and other pertinent information. If a voter needs a replacement ballot, for any reason, the voter can request a replacement ballot by visiting

No Sample ballots will be sent – a postcard will be sent instead with your Polling Place listed, the web address to find your sample ballot, drop boxes locations, etc.

There will be at least one Polling Place (Open 6:00am to 8:00pm) per Municipality and a minimum of 50% of its Polling Places (details to be determined by the Camden County Board of Elections BOE) where voter can only vote by Provisional (paper) Ballots. There will be a voting machine for the use by disabled voters who are unable to vote a paper ballot.

While a person can still only be a bearer of 3 ballots, that restriction is raised to 5 ballots if those ballots of immediate relatives residing in the same household.

If a voter submits a VBM or Provisional ballot and the BOE determines that it is to be rejected for a signature issue on the certificate envelope, the BOE must notify the voter. The voter is then given the ability to cure the signature and the ballot counted. All cures must be completed 48 hours prior to final certification.

Returning of the Voted VBM Ballots:

  • By Mail- ALL POSTAGE IS PAID (in Camden County postage is always paid). Mail at least a week before the election.
  • By Drop-Box- There will be at least 13 Ballot Drop Boxes in Camden County (locations per the BOE). All Drop Boxes are available 24/7, are in well-lit locations, and are under video surveillance.
  • In-Person to BOE in Blackwood – During normal business hours
  • In-Person at Polls – A voter may return only the VBM ballot that they personally voted to their designated Polling Place on Election Day, sign the Poll Book and place the ballot in a secure ballot box.


  • Deadline to REGISTER TO VOTE for the 2020 General Election – Oct. 13th
  • Deadline to REQUEST DUPLICATE BALLOT BY MAIL for a General Election Vote by Mail ballot – so that a ballot can be mailed to a voter.
  • Deadline to REQUEST DUPLICATE BALLOT IN-PERSON for a General Election Vote By Mail Ballot – Nov. 3rd by 8pm – walk in to County Clerk’s Office in Blackwood by 8pm on Nov. 3rd to apply on the spot, get a ballot and turn it in to the BOE – all under one roof at the Election & Archives Center in Blackwood.
  • Deadline to mail or drop off your VBM ballot to be counted is Nov. 3rd by 8pm at the BOE, polling place or place in a drop box. The BOE will consider ballots received after Election Day valid if (a) received from the USPS by 8pm on Nov. 10th with a postmark on or before Nov. 3rd or (b) received from the USPS by 8pm on Nov. 5th without a postmark.

Election Vote Tallying and Results:

  • VBM Ballots will be counted first, starting up to 10 days prior to Election Day*, and will continue daily through the Nov. 10th deadline.
  • In-person ADA machines will be tallied after close of polls.
  • Provisional Ballots require verification after all VBM Ballots have been received, hence all in-person votes will be counted LAST.

*While the BOE may begin counting VBM ballots prior to Election Day, it is a crime of the third degree for anyone to release results prior to the close of polls*

Once Ballots are filled out:

  • Drop Off at Ballot Box in front of Municipal Building, 135 Haddon Avenue; or
  • Put through the mail; or
  • Take it to your polling place on General Election Day and put in portable locked box; or
  • Hand deliver to the Board of Elections





Contact Information:

Dawn M. Pennock


Municipal Clerk


Ext. 6277



The Municipal Clerk’s Office is responsible for several aspects of the Municipal Government. The Clerk serves as the Secretary to the elected officials preparing agendas and minutes for all meetings, is the Chief Administrative Officer of all elections, is the Chief Registrar of Voters for the municipality, and is the administrator responsible for issuing various licenses and permits for the Township.

The State of New Jersey requires municipalities to have an official custodian of public records so information can be obtained upon request (Open Public Records Act, OPRA). Haddon Township’s Municipal Clerk serves as the town’s records manager. OPRA’s can be emailed at   

More information can be obtained by calling the Clerk’s Office at (856) 854-1176 ext.6277.


Haddon Township Annual Meeting Notice for 2020



Vote by Mail Municipal Election

Vote by Mail Application-English

Vote by Mail Application-Spanish

Vote by Mail Newspaper Ad – English Haddon

Vote by Mail Newspaper Ad – Spanish Haddon 2019



Request for Professional Service Proposals 2020 RFQ’s

Please click on the links below for more information regarding RFQ’s for Redevelopment Attorney.  All Requests for Proposals for Professional Services are due by Tuesday, February 25th, 2020 at 10:00 am.


Request for Proposal for Bank Services


Request for Proposal for Payroll Services


In addition to the above roles, the Clerk is also the town’s Public Relations Officer who handles citizens’ complaints and acts as a liaison between the public and municipal employees/elected officials.



Pursuant to Ordinance #1348, there is a new procedure for New Business License Applications, Business License Renewal Applications, and Temporary/Seasonal Business Applications.  There are new forms below under Municipal Clerk’s Office as well on the permits and forms page.



Haddon Township’s Municipal Clerk functions in conjunction with the Tax Office to issue licenses and permits. The licenses/permits, which can be obtained directly through the Tax Office, are:


Business Licenses expired on December 31.


Business License Application–New–$100

Business License Application – Renewal–$50.00

Business License Application – Temporary–$75.00

Business License – $10.00

Laundromat-Washer-Dryer Machine—$50

Laundromat-Washer-Dryer-Dry Cleaning Machine—$100

Pool Table—$25 each


Amusement Device—$100 each

Juke Box—$25 each

Car Lot—$275

Checks can be mailed to the Haddon Township Annex Building located at 10 Reeve Avenue, Haddon Township, NJ 08108 ATTN:    Business Licensing

Any questions regarding Business Licenses should be directed to either the Municipal Clerk at (856) 833-6277 or Bonnie in Construction at (856) 833-6265.



Municipal Clerk’s Office Forms (PDFs for the following):


Pet License Information

Please license your dog and or cat for current year 2020.




Non-neutered Dogs add and additional $3

Late Fee is $5

Rabies vaccines must be good through November of 2020 to license your dog.     Payments can be made in person or mailed to the Haddon Township Municipal Building located at 135 Haddon Ave. Haddon Township, NJ 08108 Attn:  Tax Office.  Please update any new information when renewing your license.   If you have any questions, please contact Margaret King at (856)833-6246.

Please click on the link below for new NJ State guidelines on Animal Cruelty Laws:

Guide to Prevention Cruelty laws


Any organization wishing to apply for a municipal license to conduct a bingo or raffle, must first register with and obtain an identification number from the New Jersey Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission (LGCCC).  This registration is good for two years and is renewable every two years thereafter.  Once the organization receives the registration identification number from the LGCCC, it may apply for a license from the Haddon Township Municipal Clerk.

Pursuant to NJSA 5:8-60.4 “The LGCCC shall prepare, publish and make available to any qualified organization, upon request, a pamphlet which describes in plain and simple language the rights, duties, and responsibilities of organizations conducting raffles and bingos and the exact manner in which games of chance are to be conducted”.  IT IS ALWAYS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE MEMBERS IN CHARGE TO KNOW THE RULES, REGULATIONS AND PROCEDURES FOR MAKING APPLICATION AND ADMINISTERING ANY GAME OF CHANCE.

All applications must be first approved by the Mayor and Commissioners before being forwarded to the LGCCC, therefore, it is important that adequate time is allowed.  An original application plus two copies must be received by the Township Clerk as listed on the application deadline schedule prior to being submitted to the Mayor and Commissioners for formal action.  The Municipally approved application will then be forwarded to the LGCCC for their Mandatory 14 calendar day review.

When applying for an off-premise raffle license, it must include two sample tickets with the application.  No tickets may be printed or sold until the LGCCC’s 14 calendar day review period has expired.


As allowed by State Law, the Township’s fee schedule is identical to that of the LGCCC’s.  Therefore, when applications are submitted to the Township Clerk, it must be accompanied by two separate checks, one written to the Township of Haddon and one written to the NJ LGCCC.  Both checks should be for the same amount.  If you are submitting applications for multiple raffle licenses, the State requires a separate check for each application submitted.  The Township only requires one check.

ON-PREMISE RAFFLE (Tickets sold the date of the drawing)

Cash Prize less than $400                         No Fee

Cash Prize – $400 or Greater                     $20.00 per occasion

OFF-PREMISE RAFFLE (Tickets sold in advance of the drawing)

Cash (50/50)                                              $20.00

(If cash prize exceeds $1,000 then an additional fee required will be based on Report of Operations submitted to LGCCC.

Merchandise                                        $20.00 per $1,000 retail prize value


$20.00 per game not to exceed 72 games per year.

For more information, call the LGCCC at 973-273-8000 or write to P.O. Box 46000, Newark, NJ 07101.


When filling out a Raffle or Bingo Application, an Affidavit of Bingo and/or Raffle must be attached.