Haddon Township Government

Under the Walsh Act, Haddon Township has been governed by a three-member commission since 1950. Commission members are elected at-large in nonpartisan elections to serve four-year concurrent terms.

Each commissioner is responsible for surveying an assigned department.  The three commissioners vote among themselves to choose a part-time mayor, who presides over meetings but has no independent executive function.

Members of the Haddon Township Board of Commissioners are Mayor Randall W. Teague (Commissioner of Publice Works and Property), Ryan Linhart (Commissioner of Revenue and Finance ) and Jim Mulroy (Commissioner of  Public Affairs and Public SafetyPublic ).

Haddon Township is located in the 1st Congressional District and is part of New Jersey’s 6th state legislative district.


Fire Districts

Haddon Township is divided into four fire districts, each governed by five elected fire commissioners.  Fire District 1 is the Westmont and Bluebird section, protected by the Westmont Fire Co. No. 1.  Fire District 2 is the West Collingswood Extension section, which contracts with the Borough of Collingswood for fire protection from the Collingswood Fire Department (Station 16-1).  Fire District 3 is the Bettlewood, Heather Glen, and Heather Woods sections and it contracts with the Westmont Fire Company No. 1 for fire protection from District 1.  Fire District 4 is the West Collingswood Heights section, protected by the West Collingswood Heights Fire Co. (Station 15-2).  Both Haddon Township fire companies are separate entities with their own chiefs.

Ambulance service throughout the Township is also divided, mirroring the fire service.

Police coverage throughout the entire township is provided by the Haddon Township Police Department.