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Managing Director

Haddon Township Business Improvement District

The Managing Director is a part-time salaried employee of Haddon Township Business Improvement District, a non-profit organization dedicated to the competitive marketing and management of the Business Improvement District of the Township of Haddon, New Jersey. The role of the Managing Director is to coordinate the resources of BID to promote and expand the interests of businesses and the community of Haddon Township.
The Managing Director reports directly to and is accountable to the Chairman of the BID Advisory Board & the Haddon Township Municipal Liaison.
The Managing Director is a unique opportunity for an individual who has the communication and organizational skills to excel in the high profile Business Improvement District of Haddon Township. The Managing Director will handle the following responsibilities:
• Organization and documentation of tasks.
• Events planning and coordination.
• Marketing development and Public Relations.
• Information gathering and coordination of services.
• Carrying out the priorities of the board.
• Long range planning.
• Coordinate with the Liaison on Township services.
• Develop inter business and business to business communications.
• Having a presence at all formal events and meetings of the BID.
• Other responsibilities that move forward the mission and goals of BID.
The Managing Director will help drive the priorities of the BID and will serve to demonstrate to the business community and the township the advantages of the cooperative management of business resources. Independent thinking, willingness to roll up your sleeves, and attention to detail are all qualities that will define the successful candidate.
In addition, BID will highly regard candidates with the following skills: The salary being offered for this position is $25,000 (Health benefits not included). Weekly hourly commitment is 20- 25 hours and will be an employee of the Township of Haddon and be required to follow the policies and procedures of the Township of Haddon Employee Handbook.
• Excellent communication skills, including PR experience.
• Vast social media and Microsoft Office knowledge.
• Strong customer service and verbal and written skills.
• Management and organizational skills.
• Knowledge of business operations and development.
• Basic bookkeeping skills.
Contact Information:
Please forward a resume and other supporting information to Douglas Kelly, Chairman, Haddon Township Business Improvement District c/o Township of Haddon, 135 Haddon Avenue, Haddon Township, New Jersey 08108, OR by email