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First Time Home Buyer Program

 Administered by the Camden County Improvement Authority
 Presented by the Camden County Board of Freeholders
 Program Description
The First Time Home Buyer Program promotes home ownership for low and moderate income first home buyers.  The program is intended to assist purchasers by providing financial assistance in purchasing a home for the first time in the form of a deferred loan.
Level of Assistance
The County will provide an interest-free, deferred loan not to exceed $10,000.  Loans will be payable to the Camden County Improvement Authority upon transfer of property title.  Loans are forgivable upon demonstrated five (5) years of successful occupancy from the date of the ownership. Recipients of HOME funds are required to maintain the unit as their principal residence for the duration of the deferred loan.
For more information:
Contact Improvement Authority Staff
Anthony Bianco, Program Coordinator
Contact Numbers–
Office (856) 751-2242; Fax (856) 566-3105