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Phone + Email Listing

Haddon Township Municipal Building

135 Haddon Avenue
Westmont, NJ 08108
Phone: (856) 854-1176
Fax: (856) 854-0614

Website: www.haddontwp.com

Police-Fire-Ambulance Emergency—Call 911


Please be advised, residents may dial the main number of the Municipal Building and then hit the extension number for the department you wish to reach or can dial directly with the phone numbers listed below.


Camden Animal Control

John Micklewright — Animal Control Officer

24/7 Emergency Contact Phone Numbers for both police and private citizens:

(609) 306-2277

(609) 610-4191





Direct Line 


Director of Public Works,
Parks & Public Property

Randall W. Teague (856)833-6240Ext. 6240 mayorteague@haddontwp.com
Director of Revenue & Finance
Paul Dougherty (856)833-6242Ext. 6242 pdougherty@haddontwp.com
Director of Public Safety &
Public Affairs
James Mulroy


Ext. 6241

Accounts Payable Shirley Johnson (856)833-6259Ext. 6259 sjohnson@haddontwp.com
Animal Control John Micklewright (609) 306-2277(609) 610-4191  
Business Improvement District Julie Dengler (856)833-6277Ext. 6277 jdengler@haddontwp.com
Chief Financial Officer Jack Bruno (856)833-6248Ext. 6248 jbruno@haddontwp.com
Civic Celebration Committee Kate Burns (856)833-6267Ext. 6267 kburns@haddontwp.com
Compliance Officer Betty Band (856)833-6247Ext. 6247 bband@haddontwp.com
Construction Official Mike DePalma (856)833-6265Ext. 6265 mdepalma@haddontwp.com
Construction Secretary Bonnie Richards


Ext. 6265

Environmental Commission Maggi Liebe (856)833-6275Ext. 6275 envirocomm@haddontwp.com
Fire Official William Behnke (856) 833-6269Ext. 6269 wbehnke@haddontwp.com
Township Clerk Jenai Johnson

(856) 833-6250

Ext. 6250

Court Administrator Laura Donohue (856)833-6253Ext.6253 laura.donohue@njcourts.gov
Clerk Assistant Maggie Liebe (856) 833-6250Ext. 6250  mliebe@haddontwp.com
Planning/Zoning Board Secretary Bonnie Richards (856)833-6265Ext.6265 brichards@haddontwp.com
Pool Manager (seasonal) Mike Thomson (856) 854-9229
Public Works Office Manager Barbara Prince (856)833-6262Ext.6262 bprince@haddontwp.com
Registrar of Vital Statistics Darlene Alfonsi (856)833-6244Ext.6244 dalfonsi@haddontwp.com
Rent Control Board Secretary Bonnie Richards (856)833-6265Ext.6265 brichards@haddontwp.com
Senior Citizen Coordinator Betty Band (856)833-6247Ext. 6247 bband@haddontwp.com
Shade Tree Commission Chris Squazzo (856)833-6274Ext. 6274 shadetrees@haddontwp.com
Tax Assessor Martin G. Blaskey (856)833-6259Ext. 6259 mblaskey@haddontwp.com
Tax Collector Margaret King (856)833-6246Ext. 6246 mking@haddontwp.com
Water/Sewer Billing Darlene Alfonsi (856)833-6244Ext. 6244 dalfonsi@haddontwp.com
Water/Sewer Emergencies On-Call Person (609) 820-8048
Water/Sewer Superintendent James Stevenson (856)833-6260Ext. 6260 jstevenson@haddontwp.com
Zoning Officer Lee Palo (856)833-6266Ext. 6266 lpalo@haddontwp.com


Police Admin & Information (856) 833-6200Ext. 6200
Police Records (856) 833-6206Ext. 6206
Overnight Parking (856) 833-6222Ext. 6222
Firearms Applications (856) 833-6212Ext. 6212
Internal Affairs (856) 833-6205Ext. 6205
Anonymous Tip Line (856) 833-6211Ext. 6211


Westmont Fire Company Chief John Medes (856) 854-1444 jmedes@westmontfireco.org
W. Collingswood Hts. Fire Co. Chief Robert Dawalt (856) 742-0483 wchfh152@gmail.com