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The Haddon Township Police Department is a full-service police department serving the citizens in Township of Haddon and the neighboring Borough of Audubon Park.

Congratulations to Captain Scott Bishop!


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Commissioner John Foley administered the oath to promote Captain Scott Bishop at Tuesday night’s Commissioners’ meeting.











Haddon Township Police Warn of Several Dog Incidents


The Haddon Township Police Department has responded to several incidents over the past several weeks involving dogs running at large resulting in several attacks.  One of those incidents resulted in the death of one dog while another incident resulted in injuries to both the dog and the dog’s owner who was attempting to protect his dog.


As a result of these incidents, our officers have been instructed to take a zero tolerance approach to incidents of dogs running at large.  When a loose animal is spotted, our animal control officer will be contacted immediately, the animal’s owner will be identified, and a citation will be issued requiring a court appearance.  This can become an expensive experience and one we would prefer to avoid.  (Ord#104-15)


While investigating several of these incidents, we have learned that several of these animals were unlicensed and vaccinations were outdated.  *If you have not already licensed your pet, be sure to do so immediately to avoid being cited during the Haddon Township Pet Census.  Cut and paste the below listed link into your internet browser for the Haddon Township pet license application. This can be done via mail or by visiting the Municipal Building Tax Office weekdays between 8:30AM and 4:30 PM. *All applicants must provide proof of a rabies vaccination that is valid through November of 2014.


*We would encourage residence to regularly inspect their leashes, fencing and gates to insure their animals are adequately contained for the safety of others.


Thank you


*Other relative Ordinances

Ord #104-18 Dogs must be controlled while on a leash of no more than 6ft long.

Ord#104-14 Limitation on number of dogs.  (No more than (2) two dogs per household)

Ord #104-2 (License required annually in the month of January)

The below listed link with take you to the entire Haddon Township Dog Ordinance.

Police Department’s Anonymous Tip Line

The Haddon Township Police Department has activated an anonymous tip line. If you wish to make an anonymous tip regarding suspected criminal activity within Haddon Township or Audubon Park please contact us at: 856-854-1176 ext.  4TIP (4847).

Haddon Twp. Police Department on Facebook!

In an effort to remain connected to the community, Haddon Township Police has created a Facebook Fan Page and uses it as one of many tools in providing professional police services to the citizens of Haddon Township and the Borough of Audubon Park.

Haddon Township Police DOES welcome all questions and comments, but all such communication should be delivered via email to,  or to our Community Policing Officer, Ptlm Kirk Earney, at (856-854-1176 x4134). The email address, as well as our Facebook page, are not monitored 24 hours a day.

To report an emergency 24/7, please dial 911. If you need immediate assistance from the Haddon Township Police, please call 856-854-0011, 24 hours a day.


Juvenile Curfews

Please be advised that the Township of Haddon has curfew time limits for juveniles under the age of 17.  The time limits are as follows:

12:00 Midnight on Friday and Saturday nights

11:00 PM on all other nights (Sunday through Thursday)

10:00 PM on October 30th (commonly known as Mischief Night) and on October 31st (Halloween)

No parent, guardian or other custodian of any child under the age of 17 shall permit that child to be in a public place after the above stated hours.

Overnight Parking

The existing parking ordinance prohibits on-street parking between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. throughout the entire year, unless the motor vehicle has a valid overnight parking permit issued by the Township of Haddon.

Overnight Parking Permit Application

Overnight Parking Permit Renewal

You may call in your vehicle no more than TWICE a month.  To call in your vehicle please contact the overnight parking voice mail at 856-854-1176 x4157 and leave your vehicle registration and location where the vehicle will be parked.

If you have special circumstances and require your vehicle or a visitor’s vehicle to be parked in front of your residence for an extended period of time, please contact the Police Desk at 856-854-1176 x4129 for approval.  Extended approval will be left to the discretion of the Police Administration on a case-by-case basis.

To apply for an Overnight Parking Permits please click on the link to download the application. Applications may also be picked up at the Haddon Township Municipal Building located at 135 Haddon Avenue, Westmont NJ.

The Overnight Parking Ordinance allows no more than TWO permits be issued per household.  A fee of $25.00 is required for each permit issued.  Permits are valid from January 1 to December 31 of each year and must be renewed annually.

Records Bureau

Direct              856-854-1176              x4133

Fax                  856-854-4532

The Haddon Township Police Records Bureau is open Monday thru Friday between the hours of 8:30 and 4:30 except for legal holidays.  For copies of police reports or reports for discovery, please contact the records bureau at the numbers listed to assure that the reports are approved and ready to be picked up. Police reports and motor vehicle crash reports are typically ready for pick up 5-7 working days after the incident.

Overnight parking applications and Police OPRA Requests can be made by submitting the proper forms.  These forms can be downloaded by clicking on the listed links or by picking them up at the police desk located on the lower level of the municipal building.

Motor Vehicle Crash reports can now be downloaded online through LexisNexis eCrash Exchange by clicking on the banner below and following the steps to retrieve your report (Convenience fee applies).

Fee Schedule

Police Reports, Police Opra Request — $0.05  per letter sized page, $0.07  per legal sized page

Overnight Parking Permit — $25  per permit

Temporary Handicap Placard — $4.00   Check made payable to: NJ Motor Vehicle Commission



Door to Door Solicitation & Peddling Update

Haddon Township prohibits any person or organization from conducting solicitations and canvassing of residences without a permit or an official Township Identification Badge issued by the police department.  Parties engaging in door to door solicitation must carry their permit and prominently place the identification badge on the outside of their clothing and are only permitted to solicit between the hours of 10:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  Residents should CALL 911 immediately to report any person or persons canvassing homes without proper permitting and identification.

Solicitation Permit Application


 The battle against crime is one demanding the combined efforts of police and residents. Because police cannot be at all places, at all times – the Haddon Township Police Department is dependent on your cooperation in the fight against crime. Many crimes could be prevented if more citizens would call police.

When should I call the police?

 If you observe suspicious activity or a possible crime in progress, take the initiative and CALL 911! Do not rely on someone else to act – this may never happen. You could be the only caller, and crimes are often deterred by police questioning the individuals seen lurking in or repeatedly traveling through our neighborhoods. Many people fail to act because they don’t think that it’s worth reporting. When in doubt, CALL 911 immediately.

Reasons Some Residents Give for Not Calling the Police

  •  Someone else will report it.  Maybe not.
  •  The police are too busy. I don’t want to bother them.  Calls of potential crimes or suspicious activity are always important. If we are not notified immediately it is often too late and a crime has been committed. 
  •   That noise is probably nothing.  If so, why did it draw your attention?
  •  That unknown person may be visiting a neighbor.  Maybe not. It’s best to be certain and call the police.
  •  That strange car may just be lost.  There may be a crime about to occur.
  •  The stranger at your door seems friendly.  This is how some burglars determine if anyone is home.
  •  I could be wrong, and there is no crime occurring.  Maybe not. But then again, no harm is done by calling the police and allowing us to investigate it.
  •   It’s none of my business. I don’t want to get involved.  You and your family may be the next victim.

Assist Your Police!

The Haddon Township Police Department urges all residents to CALL 911 immediately when anything suspicious occurs!  We would rather investigate suspicious situations than be called when it’s too late.  YOUR CALL MAY SAVE A LIFE, PREVENT AN INJURY OR STOP A CRIMINAL ACT!


Police Non emergency (856) 854-0011
John Foley Commissioner (856) 854-1176ext. 4156
Mark Cavallo Chief of Police (856) 854-1176ext. 4138
Non-Emergencies (856) 854-0011
Fax (856) 854-4532
Firearms Unit (856) 854-1176ext. 4179
Records (856) 854-1176ext. 4133
Overnight Parking (856) 854-1176ext. 4157