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Overnight Parking

Starting January 11, 2016, the Haddon Township Police Department will be once again be actively enforcing the Overnight Parking Ordinance. Please note, the existing parking ordinance (HT 223-14) prohibits on-street parking between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. throughout the entire year, unless the motor vehicle has a valid overnight parking permit issued by the Township of Haddon. Residents may apply for a permit at the Haddon Township Police Department during the business hours of 8:30am – 4:00pm.

You may call in your vehicle no more than TWICE a month. To call in your vehicle please contact the overnight parking voice mail at (856) 833-6222 and leave your vehicle registration and location where the vehicle will be parked.


PATCO Westmont Viaduct Project

PATCO is embarking on a viaduct restoration project this year from Chestnut Avenue to Carlton Avenue. Work on the safety railing, which is at the track level, has begun and the bulk of the heavy construction will start in the early spring.  This is an approximately 30 month long project.

This project will rehabilitate the rails, fasteners and supports along the viaducts that support the PATCO train along a two thousand foot section of the PATCO line adjacent to the Westmont Station.  PATCO will continue to operate throughout the length of this project.  Normal service will continue during the week with single track operation around the construction zone from Friday evening to early Monday morning.

To keep PATCO service running without interruption, work will take place on only one track at a time, beginning in the area of Carlton Avenue and proceeding westbound (toward Pennsylvania) ending at Chestnut Avenue. When that side of the track is completed, work will move to the other track and again move westbound toward the end of the work at Chestnut Avenue.

Road closures, detours and “No parking” areas along municipal streets may occur during the weekend construction periods. All closures and detours will be coordinated with local agencies and advance notification will be provided. Approximately 30 parking spots on PATCO property will be unavailable on weekends, and 45 spots will be unavailable for the duration of the project at the farthest east parking lot in the vicinity of the Irish Mile.

Expect the typical construction noise, such as jack hammers, trucks, loaders, and back-up alarms and noise levels will be monitored continuously throughout the project.

A targeted mailing will provide information to nearby neighbors regarding this project.  Additional information and regular updates will be posted on www.ridepatco.org or call our information line at 888-930-5150.




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