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Phone + Email Listing

Haddon Township Municipal Building

135 Haddon Avenue
Westmont, NJ 08108
Phone: (856) 854-1176
Fax: (856) 858-8335

Website: www.haddontwp.com

Police Tip Line:  (856) 854-1176 ext. 4TIP  (4847)

Crystal Lake Pool:  (856) 854-9229 (Seasonal)





Director of Public Works,
Parks & Public Property

Randall W. Teague 4111 mayorteague@haddontwp.com
Director of Revenue & Finance
Paul Dougherty 4112 pdougherty@haddontwp.com
Director of Public Safety &
Public Affairs
John Foley 4156 jfoley@haddontwp.com
Accounts Payable Shirley Johnson 4124 sjohnson@haddontwp.com
Animal Control Robert Chabot (856) 718-0305
Business Improvement District Kate Burns 4194 kburns@haddontwp.com
Chief Financial Officer Jack Bruno 4137 jbruno@haddontwp.com
Civic Celebration Committee Kate Burns 4194 kburns@haddontwp.com
Compliance Officer Betty Band 4125 bband@haddontwp.com
Construction Official Ed Toussaint 4123 etoussaint@haddontwp.com
Construction Secretary Bonnie Richards 4122 brichards@haddontwp.com
Environmental Commission Peter Kroll 4303 envirocomm@haddontwp.com
Fire Official William Behnke 4126 wbehnke@haddontwp.com
Municipal Clerk Dawn M. Pennock 4155 dpennock@haddontwp.com


Municipal Court Administrator Mary Twisler-Soldano 4140 mtwisler@haddontwp.com
Municipal Solicitor Stuart A. Platt, Esq.
Planning/Zoning Board Secretary Bonnie Richards 4122 brichards@haddontwp.com
Pool Manager (seasonal) Mike Thomson (856) 854-9229
Public Works Office Manager Barbara Prince (856) 854-1825 bprince@haddontwp.com
Registrar of Vital Statistics Darlene Alfonsi 4118 dalfonsi@haddontwp.com
Rent Control Board Secretary Bonnie Richards 4122 brichards@haddontwp.com
Senior Citizen Coordinator Betty Band 4125 bband@haddontwp.com
Senior Tax Clerk Margaret King 4151 mking@haddontwp.com
Shade Tree Commission Chris Squazzo 4200 shadetrees@haddontwp.com
Tax Assessor Martin G. Blaskey 4124 mblaskey@haddontwp.com
Tax Collector Ryan Giles 4121 rgiles@haddontwp.com
Water/Sewer Billing Darlene Alfonsi 4118 dalfonsi@haddontwp.com
Water/Sewer Emergencies On-Call Person (609) 820-8048
Water/Sewer Superintendent James Stevenson (856) 854-1825 jstevenson@haddontwp.com
Zoning Officer Lee Palo 4117 lpalo@haddontwp.com


Chief of Police Mark Cavallo 4138 mcavallo@haddontwppolice.com
Community Policing & Neighborhood Watch Officer Kirk Earney 4134 kearney@haddontwppolice.com
Parking Meter Information/Traffic Signs Tom Fitzgerald 4205 tfitzgerald@haddontwppolice.com
Police – Non-emergency (856) 854-0011
Police – Fire – Ambulance Emergency 9-1-1
Police: General Business andOvernight Parking 4129


Westmont Fire Company Chief John Medes (856) 854-1444 jmedes@westmontfireco.org
W. Collingswood Hts. Fire Co. Chief Robert Dawalt (856) 742-0483 wchfh152@gmail.com