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Phone + Email Listing

Municipal Building Phone System Update


The Haddon Township Municipal phone system is back up.  Service has been restored to our primary departments.  Most of our extensions have remained the same but our menu options have changed.  To reach the Municipal building dial (856) 854-1176. We are still working to restore voicemail extensions for several Township employees.  We sincerely appreciate your cooperation.

Haddon Township Municipal Building

135 Haddon Avenue
Westmont, NJ 08108
Phone: (856) 854-1176
Fax: (856) 858-8335

Website: www.haddontwp.com

Police Tip Line:  (856) 854-1176 ext. 4TIP  (4847)

Crystal Lake Pool:  (856) 854-9229 (Seasonal)





Director of Public Works,
Parks & Public Property

Randall W. Teague 4111 mayorteague@haddontwp.com
Director of Revenue & Finance
Paul Dougherty 4112 pdougherty@haddontwp.com
Director of Public Safety &
Public Affairs
John Foley 4156 jfoley@haddontwp.com
Accounts Payable Shirley Johnson 4124 sjohnson@haddontwp.com
Animal Control Robert Chabot (856) 718-0305
Business Improvement District Kate Burns 4194 kburns@haddontwp.com
Chief Financial Officer Jack Bruno 4137 jbruno@haddontwp.com
Civic Celebration Committee Kate Burns 4194 kburns@haddontwp.com
Compliance Officer Betty Band 4125 bband@haddontwp.com
Construction Official Ed Toussaint 4123 etoussaint@haddontwp.com
Construction Secretary Bonnie Richards 4122 brichards@haddontwp.com
Environmental Commission Peter Kroll 4303 envirocomm@haddontwp.com
Fire Official William Behnke 4126 wbehnke@haddontwp.com
Municipal Clerk Dawn M. Pennock 4155 dpennock@haddontwp.com
Municipal Court Administrator Mary Twisler-Soldano 4140 mtwisler@haddontwp.com
Municipal Solicitor Stuart A. Platt, Esq.
Planning/Zoning Board Secretary Bonnie Richards 4122 brichards@haddontwp.com
Pool Manager (seasonal) Mike Thomson (856) 854-9229
Public Works Office Manager Barbara Prince (856) 854-1825 bprince@haddontwp.com
Registrar of Vital Statistics Darlene Alfonsi 4118 dalfonsi@haddontwp.com
Rent Control Board Secretary Bonnie Richards 4122 brichards@haddontwp.com
Senior Citizen Coordinator Betty Band 4125 bband@haddontwp.com
Senior Tax Clerk Margaret King 4151 mking@haddontwp.com
Shade Tree Commission Chris Squazzo 4200 shadetrees@haddontwp.com
Tax Assessor Martin G. Blaskey 4124 mblaskey@haddontwp.com
Tax Collector Ryan Giles 4121 rgiles@haddontwp.com
Water/Sewer Billing Darlene Alfonsi 4118 dalfonsi@haddontwp.com
Water/Sewer Emergencies On-Call Person (609) 820-8048
Water/Sewer Superintendent James Stevenson (856) 854-1825 jstevenson@haddontwp.com
Zoning Officer Lee Palo 4117 lpalo@haddontwp.com


Chief of Police Mark Cavallo 4138 mcavallo@haddontwppolice.com
Community Policing & Neighborhood Watch Officer Kirk Earney 4134 kearney@haddontwppolice.com
Parking Meter Information/Traffic Signs Tom Fitzgerald 4205 tfitzgerald@haddontwppolice.com
Police – Non-emergency (856) 854-0011
Police – Fire – Ambulance Emergency 9-1-1
Police: General Business andOvernight Parking 4129


Westmont Fire Company Chief John Medes (856) 854-1444 jmedes@westmontfireco.org
W. Collingswood Hts. Fire Co. Chief Robert Dawalt (856) 742-0483 wchfh152@gmail.com