Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety includes the Police Department, the Fire Marshall, the Compliance Office and the Municipal Court Office.

For more information on the Police Department, please go to www.haddontwppolice.com.


As per ordinance #1293—Peddling & Soliciting, companies or organization that have authorization  are:

Edward Jones Company

Haddon Township prohibits any person or organization from conducting solicitations and canvassing of residences without a permit or an official Township Identification Badge issued by the police department.  Parties engaging in door to door solicitation must carry their permit and prominently place the identification badge on the outside of their clothing and are only permitted to solicit between the hours of 10:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  Residents should CALL 911 immediately to report any person or persons canvassing homes without proper permitting and identification.


For more information on the Public Safety Departments click on the PDF’s below:

Contact Information

With the exception of the Fire Companies, the offices for this department are located in the Municipal Building located at 135 Haddon Avenue, Haddon Township, NJ 08108.

Police Non emergency (856) 854-0011
John Foley Commissioner (856) 854-1176 ext. 6241 jfoley@haddontwp.com
Mark Cavallo Chief of Police (856) 854-1176 ext. 6201 mcavallo@haddontwppolice.com
Betty Band Compliance Officer (856) 854-1176 ext. 6247 bband@haddontwp.com
William Behnke Fire Inspector (856) 854-1176 ext. 6269 wbehnke@haddontwp.com
Mary Twisler-Soldano Municipal Court Administrator (856) 854-1176 ext. 6251 mtwisler@haddontwp.com
John Medes Chief, Westmont Fire Company (856) 854-1444 jmedes@westmontfireco.org
Robert Dawalt Chief, West Collingswood Heights Fire Company (856) 742-0483 wchfc152@gmail.com



Haddon Township Municipal Court Dates 2014

Community Dispute Resolution Dates 2014